Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Problems solutions and outcomes

I had quite a few problems during this scene, firstly the choice of scene right at the beginning of my project, and i had to change that which put me behind schedule, i also found out very late on that i wasnt able to use the character i wanted to otherwise i wouldnt get any animation done, which is still very dissappointing. I was also very annoyed by the amount of animation i got done in the end, it ended up being very short for the amount of time given for the project, this wwas mainly because of rediculous demands for other projects going on at the same time. I felt as if i had somewhat sacrificed this unit in order to make another one slightly better, which i regret having to do, but neither would have been completed if i would have balanced the two out fairly, and i feel as if having a team for the other project, outweighed this project, as there was always that added pressure of letting the team down.
I will definitly take knowledge from this experience, and i now know that scheduling is very important to a project, and i was somewhat bemused that we were only given a scheduling tutorial two weeks from the end of term, which confused me, and i still do not know why this was done, but i will be doing my uttermost to make a schedule in the first week of term for the projects next term.

I have found some very important lessons during this project, i know now that it is not nescessarily about knowing the software, it is more about coming to terms with an animation workflow and coming from designing, developing and creating a character to put into an initial idea and follow through to a finished piece. I have learned how critical it is to have a schedule to keep all these pieces into place, from the design problem to the solution which we create.

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