Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Iset out with the task of creating a piece of animation which worked in a realistic Live Action environment. Since we had already done this the term before, i started asking myself what i could do to expand what i had already learnt, and soon i becan to understand that it was more to do with learning new pieces of kit which could help in some live action-animation situations, for example MayA Live. I knew now that i needed to track a piece of footage ready to place an animated character to interact with the scene. This got me thinking of what sort of scene i would like to do...

A chase scene stuck out immediately, so i went on to reseach chase scenes, and car chases came to mind, but i knew that in car chase scenes there were many fast cutting scenes all clipped together and i thought it would be very hard to encorporate any 3d character into that sort of scene with any real justification. I then started thinking about different types of chase scenes, and tracking scenes from LOST came to mind. I enjoy the programme LOST and in particular i enjoy the long tracking scenes they use to build suspense in showing that something is chasing the characters during the scene without ever actually seeing what is chasing them, and this seemed like the ideal opportunity for me. I looked through the Pilot episode of Lost Series 1 and found a fantastic tracking shot of Kate, Jack and Charlie being chased through the jungle by a seemingly invisible creature. I intended to use this scene and then progressed with storyboarding the see when and what i would like to add as my 3D aspect of the scene.

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