Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Lighting in this image shows the direction i interpreted the light coming from within a screen shot of my scene, it feels as if the lighting is coming from the foreground of the scene as the arrows show, and covering around the whole scene. there are no real areas of harsh contrast, except for those hilighted in blue, but i think those shadows are created from lights maybe a little higher up than the rest, pointing down on the scene, this is probably the sunlight. I am not sure if additional lights were added into this scene, or if they used direct sunlight, and post production to get the effect they wanted, however i am going to do my best to try to replicate the light effects we see.

The diorector has obviously thought well and hard about the type of lighting in the scene, he obviously has a story to tell and lighting can sometimes be pivotal to this, he wantes to create a very natural and soft look to the scene, as they are surrounded by a very natural area (beach and jungle) there can be room for contrast however with artifificial lights being added to strike that contrast, with burning objects from the plane crash seen in earlier scenes. It is important to thgink abotu what was going through the lighting directors head when creating this scene, as he has created this sort of lighting deliberately, and being able to understand the way he has done so, and why he has done so will allow me to interpret it far better and replicate it.

This image is obviously not what i am lookign for, the lighting is too harsh on one side of the characters face, and far too soft on the other, which is giving the character a defined shadow on one side of his head, i am looking for a more evenly spread light which comes from both sides of his head, as sunlight would, and maybe meets on the underside of his head with a shadow.

This image is a little better, but not by much i added another light ton the scene which seems to be enhancing light on the darker side of his head.

This is more the lighting i am looking for, his head is lit evenly from both sides, and there is some sort of shadow forming on the underside of his head, as is similar to the human characters in the scene, this is the lighting i will be using.

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