Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Modelling and rigging my character

Modelling and rigging my character

Here are the stages i went through in modelling and rigging the character i had designed. The design concept first came around when i was thinking about the first scene i chose, the tracking chase scene in the jungle which i had difficulties tracking. The noise the 'monster' makes in Lost, is a rattling, and mechanical sound which sounds very out of place within a jungle, so i thought i would put a twist on it when com,ing up for the design of my character and have him as a washing machine so that it would some way fit the sounds that are already in the live action. However now that i have scrapped that scene, i think i will still be abel to use my character, as he couyld just look like an inconspicuous piece of debris walking across the scene after the plane crash. I think this would put a funny twist on the actual serious nature of the drama which is occuring in the episode.

Is tarted out with a few sketches of a washing machine and then went on to use them to model a character in Maya. I wanted him to look cartoon-like whilst still having a somewhat human feel, so i gave him arms and legs. And to add a comedy aspect to the character, i gave him random flip flops, as he is on a beach, and maybe there to go swimming?

I want to put accross the character not as being evil, but as being quite a funny character, and the chase scene may have done the opposite for that, giving the character a position of heirachal power and frightening the lives out fo the characters running from it on screen. This new scene i have found has given me a lot of potential to create an opposite effect, and allowing the character to be portrayed very differently. My character first come from my imagination, and i feel from there it is important to develop a character persona, this is important in establishing a connection between it and the audience, and the way he is viewed by them. Colour and appeareance can play a pivotal role in this, i have chosen bright soft colours to emphasise its friendly nature, although the bright yellow flip flops give it a spark of flair and maybe make the character a little 'nutty'.

I am fairly pleased with the way this model turned out, as it was my first ever time modelling a character. I went on to texture the character to look as much like a washing machine as i could, and gave him human coloured arms and legs.


I went on to try to rig my character, however this gave me some problems, after asking many times for help, i couldnt use the tutorial i was given to any effect to try to get the movement i wanted in my charater. As i have had no previous rigging experience, and didnt have much time to learn, due to other commitments in other projects, i felt like i neglected this project somewhat and maybe in the future i will learn how to rig so i do not come across this problem again.
I did my best in trying to create a skeleton inside my washing machine and i got some of the desired effects i wanted. I got the arms and Legs working well on IK handles, and i got a nice bend in the torso area of the washing machine, but when it came to actually animating the character, it wouldnt move as i wanted, and it was the fine turning that i needed help with and didnt really know where to get it as whenever i asked i was told to look at tutorials, which only told me what i already knew. Some of the pictures below show the movement i was able to get out of the rig and the way that i built it. I am fairly certain that i am capiable of expanding my knowledge of rigging in the future, although i do not enjoy it one bit. However i feel it is a nescessary part of the animation course.

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