Wednesday, 10 February 2010


This is the storyboard for my proposed scene. The green character is my 3D aspect, the blue is Hurley and the yellow are random bystanders. The scene tracks across the beach so the idea is to have to character in 3d being tracked with the camera, so he wont nescessarily move in a forward direction, but will instead be tracked with the camera movement giving the illusion that he is standing and walking on the spot if you was to take away the live action sequence. The camera follows the character and as he approaches the end of the Rock in the foreground he quickly turns his head to face the camera, and then back around 180 degrees to fadce Hurley, and then raises an arm to wave to him, and then walks off. I feel that this scene will work well and will enable me to have some good interaction animation between the live action character and my own character. The plan is to keep the washing machine character i have designed with intention in using in my earlier chosen scene as he will fit in with the debris on the beach and will look rather funny walking along while he should be a part of the debris.

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