Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Problems with first scene

The first scene i chose, was one which included a very fast paced camera track, through a well built up jungle. The original idea was to have a washingmachine chase the characters within the scene in a threatening way, however once i had broken down my scene into image files, and imported them into MayaLive, i found out that the tracking quality was poor, and that the background did not have any real focus to track. The camera track was good quality in some places, however my tracking points kept fading into the background so the amount of track that i got was very small compared to what i was hoping for. This spurred me on to find a new scene, with a slower camera track which i could follow, and my priority was to get things in my scene to focuz my tracking points on.
I went back to my starting point of Pilot episode 1 of Lost, and found a more simplistic shot of a tracking shot across the beach with lots of debris in the foreground which allowed me to easily track points from. The scene had Hurley enter the scene about mideway through and sit down, which allowed for any character that i put in to have to potential to interact with Hurley.

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